Ferland's Findings

Friday Newsletter - December 23rd

Happy Holiday Break! The much-anticipated vacation is here, and not a moment too soon! Students and staff alike were ready for dismissal yesterday. It takes a lot of energy to remain focused on school when you are a kid looking forward to Christmas. And, it takes a lot of stamina to rein in those kids when you are a teacher. So, needless to say, that 11:30 dismissal was appreciated by all. 

The halls of WDES were alive with all sorts of fun and games, movies, and mayhem this week. Gingerbread houses were built, cardinals were painted, calendars were assembled, movies were watched, staff and students were trying to outdo each other on the basketball court, students were celebrated at the monthly assembly, florist deliveries were made, cookies were devoured, the Grinch’s heart grew, holiday dinner was served, and handmade gifts were wrapped.  It was a week full of creativity and celebration. 

We recognized many students during the Student of the Month assembly. In an interesting coincidence, one entire family of siblings was nominated! Way to go Nowlings! We also got to share in the excitement of the Elks Free Throw Shoot-Out winners. Callum made 21 out of 25 free throws! Steph Curry, watch out…

We had the good fortune of celebrating Miss Chasse, who completed her student teaching with us this fall. She has been an amazing addition to our community and we wish her the very best of luck as she embarks on her teaching career. Selfishly we hope she’ll join us someday, but we know that wherever she lands those students will be very lucky indeed. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we were also able to honor 

Debbie Drost retired after 44 years of service to our district. Mrs. Drost retired in June but we convinced her to come back for a visit so we, as an entire school community,  could celebrate her amazingness and dedication. If you’ve been in Washburn for more than a minute you probably know who she is, and you have probably been helped by her in some way. Thank you, Mrs. Drost, for being you!

Yesterday morning the 8th graders took on the staff in the annual basketball game. Although the teachers were the first to score, their edge didn't last long and it looked bleak for a minute or two. It was tied at 19 with two seconds before the halftime buzzer. Then, Avery sunk a three-point shot to give the students the advantage going into the break. The second half was pretty exciting and the teachers rallied for the victory. Phew! Special thanks to high schoolers, Damien, Parker, and Izzy for coaching and refereeing.  

As the minutes ticked by toward dismissal I was challenged to an arm wrestling match with Sean, one of our 8th graders. I foolishly thought he’d have been tired from the basketball game, and also failed to take into consideration that his nearly one-foot height advantage might work in his favor. In hindsight, it is clear that I should have politely declined, and I bet I don’t need to tell you who won.

So, in summary, it was a jam-packed week at WDES and we all left for break feeling a little worn out. I trust that the week ahead will be just what the doctor ordered and we will all return in January with a renewed sense of vigor. 

May you have a peaceful and joyous week ahead, whatever you and your family celebrate. As for me, I have decided to fill my week with tea, books, and walks in the woods. We’ll see you in 2023!