Ferland's Findings

Friday Newsletter - December 2nd

Happiest of Decembers to you! The holiday frenzy is fast upon us and we are going to be working hard to keep everyone (students and staff) focused on the business of learning for a few more weeks. But, we can do it!

Basketball season has started, All Aroostook Band was a big success, and the Book Fair held during conferences was a spectacular fundraiser for our school. Thank you to all of you who made the time to come in and meet with teachers last week. Your involvement matters more than you can imagine. The old adage, it takes a village to raise a child, is certainly true. The more of us who care, the better off our young people will be. Thank you for making your children a priority. 

Today we celebrated the November Students of the Month, and once again had a student who was recognized by more than one teacher, in more than one category. Congratulations, Kaiden! We also held our monthly random raffle and, thanks to the generosity of North Country Auto,  several students walked away with brand-new winter gloves, in our Washburn school colors. We also recognized a student who earned the Principal’s Citizenship Award. This time we were able to thank Bella-Maria for her extraordinary kindness and constant smile. Finally, in addition, we had a chance to acknowledge the hard work of a couple of teachers who have truly mastered the art of communicating home to parents. Mrs. Bouchard and Mrs. Hews do a remarkable job of staying in touch with families, and I know we are lucky to have them here at WDES.

We have just under three weeks left of school before we break for vacation. It will be challenging, it will be exciting, and it will keep us on our toes. I look forward to seeing how the halls are decorated, the spirits are lifted, and the countdown to vacation happens. I’ll keep you posted on all that I find! Until then, enjoy your weekend, and remember that I appreciate you and the children you share with us every day.