Ferland's Findings

Friday Newsletter - November 18th

It’s happened! Snow has arrived in the neighborhood, and the feeling of winter has settled upon us. I love this time of year so much. My heart is made happy by the beauty of the landscape, the joy on the faces of children when they frolic in the snow, and the return of the comfort foods of the cold weather. 

Speaking of cold weather, as we make our way into the coming months, please make sure your child is going to school dressed for it. Let us know if your child is in need of winter clothing and accessories. Thanks to the generosity of folks at North Country Auto, and a winter clothing drive they held, we happen to have several pieces at our disposal and would love to see them go to a good home. 

Next week brings two half-days of school as well as parent conferences on Monday evening (4-7 pm) and Tuesday afternoon (12-3). If you haven’t already signed up for a time to meet with your child’s teacher, you can use the link on our website to do so. The after-school program will be offering free childcare during your conference time, as well as light refreshments and coffee. And, Neighborhood Books will be set up for a book fair during that time as well. So, if you’re one of those early-bird planners like my mom was, that would be a terrific opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping. I hope to see you all there!