Ferland's Findings

Weekly Newsletter - October 21st

A peculiar week of weather has passed and it looks as if autumn is hanging on tight. It’s my favorite season, although winter is my second favorite. It’s so close that it’s nearly a tie, actually. Unlike many people, I am really looking forward to the snow and the beauty of winter.

Soccer is officially over, and middle school basketball has started. The gym is alive with the sound of bouncing basketballs and coaches’ whistles after school. And, I have the schedule written on my calendar so that I can be sure and make it to a game or two. 

I spent some time in the Music room this week. Did you know that traditionally,  in western music, there are only 12 notes? That means that all the music we hear is made up of fewer notes than there are letters in the alphabet. Sometimes, when I think about the way someone is able to take those notes and turn them into a composition that actually sounds pleasing to the ear, it astounds me. I have zero musical ability. Seriously, my skill level stops at adjusting the volume on the stereo. I sing, but only when I am alone in the car, and usually, that’s only when it’s late at night and I am trying to stay awake on moose-covered roads. 

But, our second graders already have more musical knowledge and ability than I ever will. They are learning notes, vocabulary, and singing like champions. Mrs. Diette is absolutely amazing. I wanted to stay in that classroom all day long. I know I have said this before, but it warrants being repeated. We are so lucky to have this learning community, especially the teachers who go above and beyond to make this learning experience a positive and creative one for your students. 

We also started the NWEA testing and, all things considered, it went pretty smoothly. Let’s hope that continues and we can close out that portion of the required testing with a quiet end in the coming week. I appreciate the care and attention the students are showing while taking the test. It isn’t fun for anyone, but it is necessary. 

As always, thank you for all you do to support the students and teachers in our beloved school. It makes a difference!