Ferland's Findings

Friday Newsletter - October 14th

As I write this, the wind is blowing and the power keeps flickering. But, as always, WDES is working right through the challenges popping up on our path. We have been tasked with meeting the demands of unexpected teacher absences, getting back into the school routine after a long break, and even a day of dreaded indoor recess due to inclement weather. However, we haven’t let that dampen our spirit. Staff members are chipping in to help where needed, children are gaining momentum, and board games and time in the gym are all saving the day. 

For a short week, we have had a lot happening here. The halls are alive with the most amazing artwork! I am constantly impressed by the quality and creativity of the art produced by our students. Whether you are walking through the middle school upstairs or making the rounds on the main floor, it is like walking through an art gallery. It feels so good to see student work exhibited again.

I was part of the Morning Meeting in Mrs. Langille’s class today. It was wonderful to see children greet their friends and share how they were feeling. I think perhaps my favorite was the young lady who said, “I’m feeling tired. Very, very tired. But, I’m ready to learn.” Seriously, my heart did a little happy skip in that moment. 

I also got to check out the station time in PreK, where they  chose a play activity to do when their morning tasks were complete. The easel was a popular station, with artists at work on both sides. A couple of ‘doctors’ checked my reflexes and took my blood pressure, and it seems I am in good health. I am not sure where to leave my insurance information, but I suspect the bill will come in the mail soon. What a fun place to be, and learn. 

I could go on and on about the cool happenings here, but I’ll sign off for now. Next week I’ll let you know what’s happening in Music class, Fourth grade, and NWEA testing.

Once again, thank you for taking good care of these beautiful students. We are having a great year and much of that credit goes to you!