Ferland's Findings

Friday Newsletter - September 30th

Harvest Break is in full swing and while the students and teachers are enjoying a rest, the school building and grounds are quite alive with activity. I want to use this week’s newsletter to recognize the people behind the scenes, the ones who take care of our building, and all that goes with it, year-round. 

Theresa in the Business Office pays all of our bills, keeps track of our lunch program and the minutiae that comes with it, finds ways to get teachers things they need for the classrooms, makes sure the staff gets paid, and keeps track of sick days and personal days, just to name a few things…

Crystal at the high school keeps our website, Facebook page, and MSAD45 app up to date and user-friendly. She helps me get our weekly newsletter out to everyone even if that means she has to do it after school hours. She has been absolutely invaluable to me since I joined the office staff this summer. While she technically presides at the high school and, I am certain she does a zillion things there, we could not do our jobs here at the elementary school without her. 

Dave and his crew (Andy, Daren, Glen, Wade, Linda, and Roger) keep our buses running to get all of our students where they need to be, and/or work in and out of our building to keep this place safe and looking spiffy every day. 

Jody, Chris, Kim, Boomer, and Ashley work wonders in the kitchen to feed every single child that comes through their line, twice a day. Our community is so fortunate to be able to offer breakfast and lunch to our students free of charge. And, we are just as fortunate to have them all on board to get that job done.  

All of this is to say that even though you might not see these faces every day, they are here making a big difference in the lives of your children. We absolutely could not provide quality education in a safe place without them. 

Have a terrific weekend ahead, and remember, you’ve still got another week (and then some) of Harvest Break. Spend it wisely!