Ferland's Findings

Friday Newsletter - September 9th

If there were any doubts about the imminent arrival of the full moon this weekend, we erased all of those doubts this week, for sure. It’s been a wild ride here at WDES, with lots of energy bouncing around. We even discovered our email system was acting strangely, depositing a lot of parent emails into the Spam folders. So, if you‘ve been reaching out to a teacher and haven’t heard back, let me know and I’ll make sure they double-check all the possible places those messages could have landed. 

I got to watch a four-square game during the Grades 3-5 recess, sit at lunch with some friends in the cafeteria, and watch four middle school soccer games already this week. (I’ll watch two more of them as soon as I finish writing this.) It is so thrilling to watch our students conduct themselves both as athletes on the field, and also as teammates showing good sportsmanship. I loved hearing the older students encourage younger teammates in the middle of the game. (Avery, your respectful ways of cheering your teammates on do not go unnoticed, and matter as much as all the shots you take on goal.) It has been pretty darn exciting to see so many goals being scored as well. I know the game is about more than the score, but I felt an immense sense of pride every time a Washburn player landed that ball in the net. (Brooklyn, perhaps that face paint is your lucky charm. And, Brielle, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that you had a game with double digits someday.) 

I wandered the halls today just to see all of the cool artwork Ms. Smith has put on display. We have some seriously talented artists among us. (Zorion, your artist of the week drawing is incredible.)

I could go on and on about all of the cool stuff going on here at WDES, but the weekend calls and so does that soccer match out back. Have a great weekend and remember that every little word of encouragement, every check of a homework folder, every musical concert or sporting event you attend, and every point of contact you make with a teacher tells your student you are invested in them and their success. I thank you all for the millions of ways you lift up our learning community.