MSAD 45 News

Please join MSAD 45 in congratulating Ron Ericson as he is being recognized as a Maine Sports Legend.  This honor was first announced in 2020, but due to the circumstances of the last couple of years has been delayed in recognition.  This honor is given to men and women who have been an integral part of athletics throughout the state of Maine.  

Ericson has coached many of the sports offered at Washburn District High School and coached the Washburn girls to several state championships. He is currently Athletic Director, which is a hat he has proudly wore for several years.  His efforts do not stop with the school system.  He has been a baseball/softball umpire for many years as well as a soccer official.  He has served on many MPA and MIAAA boards and committees.  

Personally, I had the pleasure of obtaining my first shut-out in goal with Ron as a coach as well as scoring my first (and only) high school career goal.  In the last few years, I've had the privlidge of being his assistant on the basketball court as well as working side by side in all things athletics and seeing first hand the extra Ron puts in behind the scenes for our students. 

Ron is humbled by this honor and recognizes he wouldn't be where he is today, or receiving this honor if it were not for many people along the way.  Below is a letter Ron wishes for the public to read:

"The wait and delay caused by the pandemic is finally over and I amso excited to be inducted into Maine Sports Legends.  The ceremony will be in Brewer on September 18th.   There are many outstanding individuals who have been honored with induction into the ‘Legends”, some of whom have been my role models and my idols during my career.   I am also deeply honored to be part of an induction class that will include Monica Beardon and John Plourde. 

I have been so fortunate to have been able to contribute and participate in sports as a coach, an official, an Athletic Administrator, player, and as aparent.   I have enjoyed my experience with tremendous individuals, family members, and friends.  The people that I have encountered through sports are absolutely tremendous.  These individuals have had a profound impact on me.   There have been so many exciting and rewarding moments that I cherish.  There are competitions, there is work, there are conversations, and there are struggles which have been significant to me.

I would like to thank student athletes that I have encountered in one capacity or another for the joy they have given to me.  I would like to convey to the athletes that I have coached in my coaching career a special thank you for everything.   The time goes by in such a blur.   I want to tell you just how much every moment has meant to me.   I have been so blessed from working with every single one of you.   I am a better person because of you all.  I have felt that I was able to coach the very best players around and I would not trade you all with any other school.

I would also like to thank the administrators, head coaches, sponsors, mentors and supervisors, that have given me the opportunities that I have had and for the guidance you provided along the way.   I always tried to do my best. 

During my years as Athletic Administrator at Washburn District High School, I have had so many experiences and have met so many people.  I am appreciative of the laughs, accomplishments and fellowship of coaches that I have worked at MSAD#45, the great individuals AD’s of the Aroostook League, the MIAAA members and leaders, and all of the people of the MPA and the office staff.  The experience of serving on the Basketball. Sportsmanship, and the Cross-Country committees has really meant a lot.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention my family. They were always patient and supportive.  My wife Patty, my Mom, my son Michael, and Paige, Kyle and Cameron have all been so special.

I am humbled by this and would like to share this with the people that have been a part of this.   I don’t even know where to begin to try to find all of you and invite you.   I know that it would not be possible for most of you to attend.   I would like to invite any and all of you who wish to attend and I would ask that you send this along to others who I do not have a direct contact with.   The event will be September 18 at Jeff’s Catering in Brewer.  There is a social hour at 12:30. A buffet banquet at 1:00 and the program is after.  Individuals can contact me, for tickets or contact Paul McClay the secretary of the Maine Sports Legends, at"