Every year around the first weekend of March, excitement ensues in the County as we welcome mushers and their dogs from all over to the annual Can-Am International Sled Dog Race.  If you are not familiar, this race is held annually in Fort Kent and is a 250-mile race through the Northern Maine Wilderness.  

There are checkpoints along the racer's journey and our FFA and National Honor Society students were volunteers at the checkpoint in Portage Lake.  The students all had various jobs assigned to them.  Some ran the gate to block the main road as the mushers came in off the lake to enter the checkpoint, others were handlers who helped guide the dogs and mushers into the rest area.  

For many, this was their first time volunteering at the event, and wasn't sure what to expect.  Their excitement, telling about their experience once back to school, indicated the fun and enjoyment they had.

Below is a small glimpse into their volunteering experience.