Monday evening, October 23, 2023, Washburn District High School held its annual induction into the school's chapter of the National Honor Society.  Mrs. Hemphill, the NHS advisor, began the evening by welcoming those in attendance and gave a brief history of the NHS and what the society stands for.  She then turned it over to the current members who spoke on the four pillars of the National Honor Society, Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.

Chapter President, Chelsea Hobbs spoke on the Character Pillar.  "Character is doing the right thing even when no one is watching,"  She spoke of how the choices a person makes will determine the character others see in them.  Chelsea concluded with a quote from Aristotle which says, "It is our choice of good or evil that determines our character, not our opinion of good or evil."

Next, Vice President, Damien DuMont defined the Pillar of Scholarship as  "academic achievement and learning at a high level."  He spoke on how scholarship isn't just about getting good grades.  It's also about a lifelong commitment to learning and understanding life gives us many different avenues in which to gain more knowledge.  To quote Nelson Mandela, Damien said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change your world."

The third pillar presented was the Pillar of Leadership by the Chapter's treasurer, Hilary Driscoll.  She talked about leadership as not just the ability to dictate to people what needs to be done, but also a great motivator, and someone who is selfless.  "Great leaders," Hilary said, "don't set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference."

The final officer to speak was Siara Henthorn, her pillar was Service.  She reminded the audience that the act of service is putting someone's needs above your own.  "Service is actions which are done with or on behalf of others without any direct financial or material compensation to the individual performing the service."   Siara continued, "There is no greater service than to serve others."

When each member completed speaking about their pillar, Chapter Historian Madelyn Johnston lit a candle to represent each pillar.  

The ceremony concluded with each new member receiving their official card and National Honor Society Pin and reciting the Society Oath.  The new members of Washburn District High School's National Honor Society are as follows:  Nishelle Kelley, daughter of Travis and Lacie Kelley, Isabelle Allen, daughter of Nathan and Mary Allen, Logan Curtis, daughter of Jeremiah and Jamie McIntosh, Mitchell Hewitt, son of Roger and Sarah Hewitt, and Isaac Sines, son of Robert Sines and Sarah Sines.  

Newly inducted members L-R: Isabelle Allen, Logan Curtis, Mitchell Hewitt, Nishelle Kelley, Isaac Sines

Members of Washburn District High School National Honor Society
Front Row L-R:  Isabelle Allen, Chelsea Hobbs, Madelyn Johnston
Back Row L-R:  Logan Curtis, Hilary Driscoll, Isaac Sines, Mitchell Hewitt, Siara Henthorn, Nishelle Kelley.  ~Absent from photo, Damien DuMont