Principal Worcester and the Washburn District High School staff are pleased to announce Brayden Worsley as the December Student of the Month. He is a freshman at WDHS and the son of Adam and Jamie Worsley.  

Brayden has jumped right in, participating in extracurricular activities. He is a member of the Varsity Club and plays on the varsity soccer and basketball teams. Brayden also serves as Freshmen Class President.  

"Brayden is becoming a leader in his class," according to Mrs. Hemphill, "by participating in class, working hard, always having his work done on time, and keeping his grades up, all while participating in sports." Hemphill continues that Brayden "is a polite young man who will greet you with a 'Hello' and say 'have a nice day.' when leaving." These, coupled with his kindness and helpfulness to others, made Brayden a stand-out choice for the December Student of the Month.