NHS Service Project

The WDHS NHS started their service project for the 2018-2019 school year on Thursday, November 15th by preparing a meal for the Sister Mary O’Donnell Shelter for the Homeless in Presque Isle.They planned the meal, purchased the food, prepared the meal after school, and delivered it to the shelter.  They are currently planning their next meal of tacos for the shelter’s meal train for the very near future.   Great job NHS members!

Spirit Wear

It case you missed out on ordering your school spirit apparel, here’s a 2nd chance!  This online store is open until November 18, with guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas.
We have a few new offerings this time around, such as a full zip fleece jacket for those chilly days in the office or classroom, sweatpants, and blanket.
Don’t forget, Wight’s can customize the product as well.

Students Visit the Wilder Farmstead and Aroostook Agricultural Museum

Before break, students visited the Benjamin C. Wilder and Aroostook Agricultural Museum. The Wilder Farmstead was built in 1852 and the Agricultural Museum was built in 1989. Both contain antiques, as well as old machinery and equipment, along with culinary items and wood shop tools. The students enjoyed their trip so much they decided to stay longer and walk back to the school instead of taking the bus!

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