Washburn District High School Library
1359 Main Street, Washburn, ME 04786
Phone: 207-455-4501
FAX: 207-455-4509
Jada Molton, Ed Tech III

Checking Out at the Library

Once you have found your books, you need to go to the circulation desk and we will scan your name and your books into our system.

  • Three week circulation for all books and magazines
  • Two week circulation for the NOOK (permission form must be on file)
  • Check out up to 5 books at a time.
  • Reference books and books on reserve for a class project are overnight check-out only.
  • Renewal period for books is 3 weeks when necessary. Remember, others are waiting to read that book! You will not be charged a fine for an overdue book, but you will be asked to return that overdue book before you check out any others.
  • You can place a hold on a book that is currently out. We will notify you when the book is returned and ready for you to check out.

Using the Internet at School

  • Never share your password or account with anyone.
  • Computer use, including Internet access, is limited to educational and school related activities.
  • Chat rooms and social sites are off-limits during the school day.
  • Do not intentionally search for, view and/or distribute inappropriate materials. (e.g. pornography or violence)
  • Do not give out personal information on the Internet.
  • Do not use inappropriate language or symbols. Profanity or obscenity will not be tolerated on the school network.
  • Do not download or install software. This includes Spotify and apps.
  • Do not deliberately spread computer viruses.
  • Do not use a school account to post anonymous or false information.
  • Do not vandalize computers, software, network devices or data.
  • Obey the rules of copyright.