Civil Rights Team

The foundation of the Civil Rights Team Project is the Maine Civil Rights Act, which protects people from threats, property damage, and violence motivated by bias. The mission of the Civil Rights Team Project is to increase the safety of school students by reducing bias-motivated behaviors and harassment in schools.

  • Civil rights issues covered by the school’s Civil Rights Team include:
  • Race and skin color
  • National origin and ancestry
  • Religion
  • Disabilities
  • Gender (including identity and expression)
  • Sexual orientation

The Civil Rights Team Project encourages school communities to engage in this important work, so that students of all identities feel safe, welcome, and respected for who they are.

Civil Rights Team Project 2020

The team: Roman Morin, Haley Johnson, Dylan Evans, Ashton Henry, Mya Haines, Liddia Collins and Cameo McHenan. Not pictured: Valerie Bragg, Devon Dionne and Shawn Helton and Arianna Elliott.

The WDHS Civil Rights Team(CRT) has created a unique section in their library! The library is well organized and centrally located and its use has increased since the organization took place. The team decided that information about Civil Rights should be made more available to everyone. The team members are still writing reviews for some of the books and these will be announced in the morning bulletin several times a week. 

Mrs. Molton stated, “The feedback for everything the CRT has done so far has been of a positive nature and having such an active team has made all the difference! They are highly visible, active within the school community and are openly supported by students, faculty, administration and school board.”

Civil Rights library section.

The WDHS team has already participated in the state wide day of welcoming and responds to current events like the bombing of the Jewish Deli in New Jersey with letters of support. They are planning a chalkboard wall for multiple uses and a possible rock painting/message project they would start in the spring. Currently they are making daily announcements leading up to Martin Luther King Junior’s day celebrated January 20th. They are also doing fundraising activities so they can all go to the state convention.

Secretary Dylan Evans and President Ashton Henry

Civil Rights Team Project 2019

Washburn District High School’s Civil Rights Team. Pictured from left to right are team members Ashton Henry, Julia Dahlgren, Jayden Harris, Dylan Evans, Shawn Helstrom and Valerie Bragg. Absent from the photo are team members Mya Haines and Kayla Creasey.

Students from the Civil Rights Team at Washburn District High School have created a mural based on the Creation of Adam portion of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel that aims to promote diversity and inclusion at the school.

Day of Welcoming 2019

WDHS’s Civil Rights Team took part in a statewide project called the Day of Welcoming.
“The Day of Welcoming is a gathering of Maine students that was established by the Office of the Attorney General in 1996. The purpose of the CRTP is to encourage school communities to think and talk about race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, religion, disabilities, gender(including gender identity and expression), and sexual orientation, so that ALL students can feel safe, welcome, and respected for who they are. The Maine Civil Rights Act and the Maine Human Rights Act clearly establish the rights of all Maine people To be treated fairly and equally and with dignity and respect. Anything less than that is wrong and out of step with Maine values.” (Governor Janet T. Mills in a letter dated October 25th, 2019)
Thank you to all the students, faculty and staff who participated in this day and continue to make ALL students welcome at our school!