About MSAD #45

MSAD #45 was formed in 1967 with the consolidation of schools in Washburn, Perham, and Wade. Washburn District High School was built and opened the same year. The Elementary School, built in 1953, was still being used, and the old high school, renamed the William C. Foster School, was used for grades 5-8. The elementary school and addition burned in 1988, and portable classrooms were used until the David J. Lyon Washburn District Elementary School was built in 1990, which housed grades 1-8. 

Washburn and the surrounding communities have existed for over 150 years, starting from a small village along the river, which grew and eventually became the town you see today. While jobs in the woods and on the farm have been the backbone of the economy, it is the potato harvesting industry that has sustained it. Businesses have come and gone in Washburn, and though the town may now be a portion of the size it once was, the community is still close-knit and neighborly. Although the school system has struggled over the years, it remains the heart of the community and an integral part of life in Washburn and the surrounding towns.