MSAD 45 News

After much anticipation, MSAD 45 can now host evening soccer events as well as other activities.  

In between the girls' and boys' soccer games vs. Easton Tuesday evening, August 23, 2022, Athletic Director Ericson address the crowd and introduced his special guest, Dana Hews.  Hews, a Washburn Native, along with Dwight Hunter, brought soccer to the County in 1962.  They had created small exhibition teams which began generating interest among many.  If a few short years to follow, what started out as 4 exhibition teams grew into almost every school in the County fielding teams to compete.  

After a brief history of Mr. Hews, AD Ericson asked the crowd to join in counting down from 10, and Superintendent Worcester, along with Mr. Hews flipped the switch to light the field for the district's first lighted game. 

Below is a video highlighting the evening's event.