On February 10, 2022, we took a moment during our final basketball games of the season to recognize our senior members of the basketball teams and pep band as well as recognize this year's selection for Fan of the Year.

This year's senior basketball members are Beckam Vaughn and Natalie Charette.  Beckam is the son of Erik and Erika Vaughn.  He has been a member of our Varsity Basketball program since the 8th grade.  Natalie is the daughter of Bob and Jenny Chavez.  Natalie joined the girls' team as a manager this year.   

It was fantastic to have our band back on the stage this year!  Our senior members are Caleb Silver on trumpet and Layla Harris on flute.  Caleb is the son of Tricia Silver.  He has been a standing member of the band since middle school.  Layla is the daughter of Owen and Julia Harris.   She has been a member of the band her entire high school career.

To cap our evening of special recognition, we announced our Fan of the Year.  Each year, our coaches, administration, and school personnel,  get together and choose a fan of the year.  Someone who has been a loyal fan through thick and think, who has been an encouragement to the coaches and athletes, and someone who all around supports MSAD 45 athletics.  This year's selection is Raegyn Chavez.  Raegyn is a 2021 graduate of WDHS and a former member of our athletic programs.  She was here at every game and was willing to help out whenever needed, from helping to enter scores on the live stream to picking up the pizza order.  While she was on break from college classes, she came in willingly to many of the girl's practices to help them have 10 players on the court.

Congratulations to our seniors on another stop of many milestones along their senior year and our 2022 Fan of the Year Raegyn Chavez.