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fundingfactoryDid you get some new gadgets for Christmas?  If so, gather together your old cell phones and cartridges and bring them to the basketball games during the next couple of weeks.  There will be a clearly marked box near the door for you to deposit your items.  All of the money we raise will be used for books and e-books in our high school library.  Thank-you for your help.

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Snapshot 2012 is a record of what happens during a typical day at the library.  Sometimes we forget about the wealth of resources right here in our school community and our local library.  Our K-12 students have an excellent library of books to enjoy, our high school students have access to free e-books and audiobooks both through the website and through the Maine InfoNet Library link.  Everyone has access to MARVEL, a huge resource including dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, journals and magazines online.  Are these new to you?  Check them out!

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A froncommonsensepage article on the BDN today along with a video brings home the devastating effects of online bullying.  An additional article asks parents to check for signs of cyberbullying.  A federal mandate passed in July has made it mandatory for K-12 students to receive lessons on digital citizenship and digital literacy.  Our teachers are using Common Sense Media, a link under resources on our website.  In addition to offering excellent lessons, this site provides a tool for parents to use when selecting books and media for their children.  It also provides advice we can use when talking to our children about social media.  The site does an excellent job in presenting to parents, educators, and students the role of a digital citizen.  Today, living in a powerful online world has many opportunities and challenges.  Responsible use can lead to so many rewarding experiences.  

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AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - Maine's Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection is offering a new publication covering all aspects of financing a college education.  The 60-page "Downeaster Common Sense Guide to Student Loans" outlines different ways to pay for higher education, including scholarships, grants, loans, and other financing methods.  The seven-chapter publication also includes a glossary of terms students and other things parents should know.

blogshotwebWDHS Library Aides have embarked on a new adventure and are unveiling a blog that will hopefully attract readers.  Love Thy Library is a blog that has been created by Matt McCarty, a senior who aspires to become a computer science major.  Avid readers Carmen Bragg, Carsyn Koch, Rayah Saucier, and Nick Silver will be blogging about some of their favorite books they have read in the WDHS library.  Now that the site has been launched, we will be updating the reviews on a regular basis.  We look forward to your suggestions and comments as we embark on this endeavor.  

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