Walkway Dedication


     On Thursday, November 3, the Washburn Area PTO held their dedication ceremony of the newly constructed walkway to MSAD 45’s previous superintendent, Dr. Elizabeth Ervin.  The morning was cloudy and gloomy, but you would have never have noticed as for over the Washburn Schools the sun was brightly shining and the breeze blowing gently with all of the students and staff of the district along with members of the PTO, school board and community present as Dr. Ervin, cut the ribbon to the new “Pathway to Learning” walkway.  To witness such an event was absolutely amazing.  Dr. Ervin was present with her family and the ceremony was beautiful.  The current superintendent, Mr. Carpenter, opened the ceremony with some very kind words and then turned it over to PTO’s Secretary, Crystal Hobbs.

     She described how the walkway got started and thanked the following people/businesses for their support in making this project possible: Country Farms Mkt, Ryan Rackliffe, Thompson’s Tree Svc., Darren Donovan, Brenda Clayton, Pat Morrow, Sarah Sines, Don Hanson and the entire wood working crew at the High School (including the 8th grade class), Halina Herzog, Lynn Dube, Craig and Crystal Hobbs, Mike and Angela Farley, Noah Farley, Kassie Farley, Kyli Farley, Amy Sawyer, Amy White, Ben Goodwin and the NHS (with special thanks to Bryce Roix and Jackie West), Washburn Trailside, Soderberg Construction, and all of those that may have not been named but gave in one way or another.  We would like to recognize Lowes and MSAD 45 for their generous donations.  A special thanks to Joey and Lindsey Cowett at the Sign Place and Joe Chamberlain for the sign installation. We would also like to recognize the entire MSAD 45 staff and students for their help in making this possible. Lastly, many thanks go out to the Washburn PTO for making this idea come to life.  Without the support of the PTO this project wouldn’t have been made possible.

     Hobbs went on to say this was a community event and clearly wouldn’t have been possible without everyone coming together and showing their support.  Dr. Ervin and her family were very grateful and humbled by the show of support from everyone involved.  For such a small community, they make a huge impact on someone’s life.  As Hobbs said, for the amount of time with us, Dr. Ervin made an impact like no other.  This is our way of letting her know how much she has touched everyone in this community.  Ervin said, “This is too much.  I am so touched.  I really miss coming to this school everyday and seeing all of the staff and the kids.  I mean I really miss it.”  The unveiling of the sign took place by three of Ervin’s five children.  After the ceremony, the family had photos and went inside the school, escorted by Mr. Carpenter and Ms. Cote, to enjoy visiting and cake.