Thank you!

The After School Program staff along with all of the students that participated in the Children’s Stage Adventures would like to thank:

      School administration, all the teachers and staff members (especially Ms. Cote, Mrs. Drost, Mr. Helstrom, Mrs. Gardiner and Mrs. Bourgoine) for their time and cooperation, adjusting their schedules and keeping up with all of the changes.

      Parents, family members and friends volunteering their time and talents (especially Mrs. Kelly McIntosh and Mrs. Crystal Hobbs who recorded this event).

      Custodians, bus drivers and WDES kitchen staff for staying longer to clean, bring us home safely and feed us before and between rehearsals.

      Our generous sponsors: Aroostook Partners in the Arts, Old Iron Inn, Washburn School District  as well as all who participated in the ASP fundraising in the fall for their financial support.

Thank you for making this wonderful experience available for the entire community.