S.W. Collins Grant for School Playground

S.W. Collins’ 1st quarter causes have been selected for their grant program. Visit their stores and receive a token for every purchase and put your token in the tube labeled with the cause of your choice. At the end of March, they will divide up $1,000 per location ($5,000 total) according to the percentage of tokens a cause receives.  For a description of the causes, check the link below. 


MSAD #45 Elementary School Playground EquipmentWashburn/Wade/Perham – Our elementary school was built in 1990 and the same playground equipment is still there. The PTO, along with a group of parents, have formed a group that tried to “repair” the old set so the kids could at least have something to play on, but there are still many parts of this equipment that has had to be labeled as unsafe. Anything that we have looked at could be anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000 which is way beyond our reach. We would just like to get this playground updated for the children at this school. This grant would be a wonderful way to help our community!