Physics: Concrete Boats!

Students studied buoyancy, surface area, water displacement and density.

They also learned the composition of concrete and how different aggregates can affect the consistency and outcome of the project. The boats all floated and 1 split in half.

Valerie Flood and Jenica Harris had the boat with the largest weight held to weight of boat ratio.

Tater Tossing–with Style!

Mrs. Reed’s Physics Class designed and built Trebuchets before harvest break. They were able to test them to determine which team had the best accuracy, the farthest “tater” tossed and the best and most creative design.  They learned about trajectory, acceleration, altitude, angles and the engineering aspects of building a trebuchet and how it works.

Bryce Roix, Derek Baker and Caleb Thompson had the all around best Trebuchet. Their best “toss” was 50 meters or 164.042 feet!!
Their next project is a lesson on concrete boats!